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About Me


I studied at Capilano University for Film Studies. After 2 years of studying film I took a year of learning cinematography.


After the course I went from an interest in cinematography to a passion for stills photography. I bought my first Canon dslr shortly after school (With the rest of my college money) overtime I practiced taking stills of nature and anything outdoors in general as a hobby. People started to notice on Facebook that my photos looked superior to their smartphone selfies, so at times people began to offer me money to photograph headshots for them.

As time went along I used money I gained from my forklifting job to by a better dslr camera, more lenses, flashes, and all the other accessories that came with it. Photography is an expensive industry to get into, and it took me over 5 years to afford the equipment I need, especially when I'm living on my the lower mainland...on a forklift budget.


Eventually I was able to make my own photo studio... in my studio apartment (bad pun, I know). I enjoy the fact that my apartment is able to create the space I need to take photos from essentially a home office. I've really enjoyed what I'm doing, and I can't see myself doing anything else more fulfilling in life.       

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