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Studio Photos -

The studio photos package includes 20 digital photo prints in front of 4 different backgrounds- White, Black, Thunder Grey, and Coloured for one flat rate. This includes photos for families, individuals, and couples. 


Outdoor/Location photos-  450$

For outdoor/Location photos, you just give me a place+time, and I will meet you there. Don't worry too much about time limits, I will make sure most my day is booked for you.

Corporate Headshot packages

10 people or less   -150$ per person

11-20 people          -100$ per person

21 or more people -50$ per person

Pricing in the Corporate packages are based on how much time can be focused on the amount on people. The less people, the more photos can be taken, the more people, obviously the less photos can be taken.

Corporate headshots.jpg
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