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Studio Headshots/Portraits

Individual Headshots/portraits are for individuals who want professional photos for a variety of reasons, they can include- Business, Actor/Actress headshots, or just simply a quality photo for their online profile pics and pictures to hang up on their wall. In a single session the client will be photographed in front of 4 different studio backgrounds, these include- black, coloured, grey, and white background. The session would take between an hour to 90 minutes. I charge by a flat rate, so the studio time is irrelevant to what I charge.  

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Studio Couples/Family Portraits

The process of Couples/Family portraits is very much the same as with the individual headshots, just with more people. The clients will be photographed in front of the same 4 backgrounds. When it comes to couples getting photographed that can mean a variety of different things, a couple can mean Spouses, siblings, parent+child, or even friends, as long as it's 2 people. When it comes to family portraits that generally means a group of relatives that involve more than 2 people, or even a group of none relatives who may just want a band photo, or even a group of Groomsmen/brides maids (You get the picture). Just keep in mind, if you and your family are bringing small children (Toddlers/infants) for the photo shoot, sometimes they may not be willing to stay for the entire length of the shoot. The best thing to do in preparation for this situation is to let me know ahead of time what are your 2 most preferred photo backdrops and we will try to get through those ones first.

Corporate headshots

If you own a company and want to have headshots of your employees, I got you covered. Headshots of your employees can take place outside, indoors, or in front of one of my backdrops that I will bring to your location. You can pick one of my 4 backdrops you think best suits your company and I will photograph at least 4 photos of each of your employees to give you more options. Cost of the corporate headshot packages can be seen in the pricing page on this website.

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Location Portraits

Even though I have a photo studio I also offer my services in photographing on other outdoor/indoor locations. Before I made a studio, I offered my services to shoot outdoors with numerous clients over the years. The process is simple, the client(s) give me a time and place to shoot them. I bring all the equipment necessary, and the fun begins. There is generally no strict time limits, I just try to get all the shots the client desires during that time. Just like my Studio photos, I also offer a flat rate for location portraits. The purpose for the client's location shots can very in meaning, such as- engagement photos, couples photos, business promo, outdoor/indoor family portrait, or just simply a headshot.    

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